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Guided Trips

GUIDED TRIPS  (Catch and Release)

If you have a great trip, a gratuity is appreciated.

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                                                 Happy Clients on the Hams Fork!

 Wading Trips

1 Day Wading on the Hams Fork : (Trespassing/Fishing Fee, All Lunches, Dinners, Flies and Equipment Included)

  •      1 Person $475.00
  •      2 People $525.00 
  •      3 People $875.00 (2 Guides) 
  •      4 People $925.00 (2 Guides) 

The Hams Fork might be the best fly fishing river in the U.S., outside of Alaska! This private water, located on a 28,000 acre cattle ranch, has lots of Rainbows 17 – 23 inches long. They jump, they run, they are exciting fish! From mid June to late July  there are good midge and PMD hatches. Appropriate nymphs and dry flies work well. By August and September BWO hatches are the ticket. Many years dry-fly patterns imitating Crane-Flies, Drakes, and Grasshoppers, can also be effective. Streamer fishing works for those that enjoy seeing big fish chase a bait pattern. On a typical day it isn’t unusual to hook 15 – 20 fish over 17”. The Hams Fork is a walk-in river about 50 – 60 feet across with a mostly easy, wadable pea-gravel bottom. 

      Clients will get lots of practice mending and making down stream presentations.





Smiths Fork






1 Day Wading on the Smiths Fork : (Trespassing/Fishing Fee, All Lunches, Dinners, Flies and Equipment Included)

Smith Fork Bonneville
  •      1 Person $490.00                                                           
  •      2 People $550.00  
  •      3 People $975.00 (2 Guides) 
  •      4 People $1,000.00 (2 Guides) 

Another piece of private water, located on a 13,000 acre ranch, the Smiths has 5 miles of the best looking water you’ll ever see ~ one beautiful run, bend, riffle and pool after another. The owners book only 4 people per day, so solitude is always guaranteed! This river has the biggest Bonneville Trout in Wyoming. If you are after the Cutt-Slam (Bonneville, Snake River, Yellowstone, Colorado Trouts), this is the place to hook a big one! 17” to 19” fish are common with a few in the 20”+ range. 

•There is also a fair populations of Big Browns 15 – 20 inches. 

• Big dry flies will often work and streamer fishing is very effective. As with the Hams Fork, the angler will be doing lots of mending and making down and across presentations. 

•The Smiths Fork peaks a little later than the Hams Fork, with the best fishing
extending from around the middle of July to the end of September. Another small
wading river similar to the Hams Fork.
NOTE: Using Kemmerer, Wyoming as a base, the Hams and Smiths Forks can be fished on consecutive days. They are approximately a 2 1/2 hour drive from Salt Lake City and about 3 hours from Jackson Hole, Teton Park, and Yellowstone Park. Let us know and we’ll discuss reservations, transportation, etc. 


Seedskadee National Wildlife Reserve, and Green River below Fontenelle Reservoir:                                                                

  •       $575 for 1
  •       $595.00 for 2

The Green River through the Seeskadee Reserve is a special place. Only a very few guides are allowed to float this section of the Green. Many days you will see few if any boats or other anglers on the river. 

The Reserve is one of the West’s very best wildlife viewing areas. The water is peaceful and the trip is serence and calming.

A few words of caution before you book: Because of its isolated location and lack of accessability we may cancel on the morning of the trip. Causes for cancellation are lightening and high winds, either of which make it unsafe to float. If the trip is cancelled we’ll fish the Hams Fork or Smiths Fork, both of which are quality fisheries in their own right.

The Green holds lots of very large Rainbow, Browns, and Colorado Cutthroat trout! The river does not have a huge population of trout so if you are interested in catching lots of fish this is not the float trip for you. What you can expect is to catch between 6 and 10 fish on a normal day – but most will be between 16″ and 20″ with a good chance of a much larger fish. All of these fish are extremely powerful! The Colorado Cutthroat imparticular fight as hard as any Brown Trout.

Depending on the time of year we could be using dry flies, nymphs or streamers. Call for details.

We use a 15’ Clackacraft Drift Boat. The boat has low sides for easy entry and exit and is one of the most comfortable boats from which to fish!



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