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Guided Trips

GUIDED TRIPS  (Catch and Release)

If you have a great trip, a gratuity is appreciated.

                                                 Happy Clients on the Hams Fork!


 Wading Trips

1 Day Wading on the Hams Fork :

  • 1 Person  $425.00
  • 2 People  $475.00
  • 3 People  $825.00   (2 Guides)
  • 4 People  $875.00    (2 Guides)
  • We will be fishing on private land on the Hams Fork. The land owner charges a $10 per day per person “trespassing” fee. Therefore, $10.00 per person will be added to your guide fee to cover this cost.
  • The Hams Fork might be the best fly fishing river in the U.S., outside of Alaska! This private water has lots of Rainbows 18 – 23 inches long. They jump,they run, they are exciting fish!  It’s mostly nymph fishing from late June to early August. Many years dry-fly patterns imitating Crane-Flies, Drakes, and Grasshoppers, can also be effective.  Streamer fishing works for those that enjoy seeing big fish chase a bait pattern. On a typical day it isn’t unusual  to hook 15 – 20 fish over 20”. The Hams Fork is a walk-in river about 50 – 60 feet across with a mostly easy, wadable pea-gravel bottom.




Smiths Fork








1 Day Wading on the Smiths Fork :

  • 1 Person  $425.00
  • 2 People  $475.00
Smith Fork Bonneville
  • 3 People  $825.00   (2 Guides)
  • 4 People  $875.00     (2 Guides)
  • We will be fishing on private land on the Smith’s Fork.  The land owner charges a $25 per day per person “trespassing” fee and limits the number of people fishing on the property to four per day. Therefore, $25.00 per person will be added to your guide fee to cover this cost.
  • Another piece of private water with 5 miles of the best looking water you’ll ever see ~ one beautiful run, bend, riffle pool after another.  The owners book only 4 people per day, so solitude is always guaranteed!  This river has the biggest Bonneville Trout in Wyoming.  If you are after the Cutt-Slam (Bonneville, Snake River, Yellowstone, Colorado Trouts), this is the place to hook a big one! 17” to 19” fish are common with a few in the 20”+ range.
  • There is also a good run of Big Browns 15 – 24 inches.
  • While dry flies and nymphs will work, streamer fishing is really the way to go!
  • The Smiths Fork is a little later than the Hams Fork, with the best fishing extending from around the 4th of July to the end of August.  Another small wading river similar to the Hams Fork.

NOTE:  Using Kemmerer, Wyoming as a base, the Hams and Smiths Forks can be fished on consecutive days.  They are approximately a 2 1/2 hour drive from Salt Lake City and about 3 hours from Jackson Hole, Teton Park, and Yellowstone Park.  Let us know and we’ll discuss reservations, transportation, etc.


Salt River Float Trip :

  • $375 for 1

  • $425 for 2
  • The Salt is a great little river with Snake River Cutts, Browns, Rainbows, and a few Brook Trout.  60% – 70%  of the fish you catch will be Cutts, averaging 13” with one or two running to 18” on most trips. An occasional monster in the 24” category is landed. There are a number of Brown Trout that reside in the river.
  • Just after run-off in June to late July and towards the end of September through the end of October, a Big Brown is a real possibility. Browns from 20” – 26” are common but difficult to catch. Big streamers with heavy tippets are the fly of choice. The Cutts and Browns respond to dry flies and nymphs. We usually fish streamers or dry flies with a dropper as the bottom is full of branches and sticks which makes nymphing really tough.
  • We use a 15’ Clackacraft Drift Boat.  The boat has low sides for easy entry and exit and is one of the most comfortable boats from which to fish!
Snake River Float Trip:
  • $425 for 1
  • $475 for 2
  • The Snake really comes into its own by August and fishes well through October. Dry fly fishing is the Name Of The Game! Floats are about 10 miles long and go through some really pretty scenery. Fish average 12-14 inches and an 18″ fish is fairly common.
                        What a Beautiful River!



The State of Wyoming issues a certificate to anyone who lands all four species of Wyoming Cutthroat Trout.  We have great 1-day and multiple day plans available.  The 1-day plan entails catching all four in one day!  Only a very few anglers have accomplished this!  The multi-day plans are more leisurely and include sightseeing, museums, shopping, seeing Yellowstone Park, Teton Park, and Jackson Hole and lots more.  Multi-day plans can be arranged for non-consecutive days, to accommodate your  travel plans.  Let us be your personal tour guide!


  • Lunch, drinks and snacks provided.

  • All Flies provided.
  • Tackle provided, if required.
  • If you are a beginner, we can often accommodate a free casting lesson the evening before!
  • We are NOT on a clock. On the Hams Fork particularly, we might fish early - 7am to 1pm, take a break and fish again from 5pm to 9pm or dark.  In other words, I’ll stay on the river as long as you want. Even float trips can be arranged to last as long as you like!
  • We can arrange lodging and help you with your trip itinerary. (Museums, shops, scenic routes, horseback riding, restaurants, etc.)

Wyoming Cheering Section!


We provide flies, leader, tippet, etc. for the guided trip. If you are fishing on your own before and/or after, you can either purchase  needed material at our local fly shop or bring leaders, tippets, flies, with you. The time of year, conditions, and specific waters you fish will dictate specifics. Call us a few weeks before and we’ll give you more details.

Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Insect Repellant


Rain Jacket

Waders (Wading pants are enough but chest highs are fine, and Gortex, not neoprene.)

Boots (Felt or Rubber is fine.)

A 6wt rod is best over all with a weight forward, floating line.  An additional 15’ fast- sink tip is sometimes used also.  A 4wt. rod would be the second rod with a floating WF line.

Please note:  We have plenty of rods we can lend you. No need to buy a new one just for our trip.

Here is a short but almost always useful list:

  •     Flies –     Parachute Adams               12 – 20

                                 Pheasant Tail Nymphs        14 – 20

                                 Zebra Midge                       16 – 20

                                 Elk Hair Caddis                   12 – 18

                                 Stimulator (Yellow)               10 – 14

  •    Leaders – 9ft – 3x, 4x,  5x
  •    Tippet - 3x, 4x, 5x  mono
  •     Fly Floatant, Split Shot, Nymph Indicators,
  •     Forceps, File, Nippers

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