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Practice Tips


Nearly  everyone is busy and finds it hard to make time to practice. Here are a few tips that might help you get over the hump

  1. Find a partner – If we make a commitment to another person, we are less likely to let distractions get in the way of a practice session. Besides, the partner can help us by seeing the cast in a way we are not able.
  2. Have a regular schedule – For example, every Wednesday after work, every Sunday morning for an hour before the family day begins.
  3. Frequent small chunks are better than infrequent, long chunks. Keep a rod in your car. If you have 15 minutes and you are driving by a park, stop and cast for 10 minutes.
  4. Have a specific goal and keep records. Pick a task like distance, or accuracy, or quick-casting. Stick to one thing until you improve. Measure and mark your progress.
  5. Get a practice rod. Several manufacturers sell small rods that can be used in any yard. I like the Form, made by Redington. It sells for $39.00 and can be found under accessories at Redington.com
  6. Practice without a rod! I’ve learned my most complicated casts by pantomiming the motions while I watch TV. You will train your nervous system quickly and efficiently!

Hope this helps! Next month we’ll discuss the five  components needed to catch fish!

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