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Casting Instructions



Dayle is a Master Casting Instructor, certified by Fly Fishers International

  •  Individual Lessons – $75 / hour for 1 or 2 casters
  • Groups add $30 per person up to 6 people.
  • Larger groups can be accommodated … cost will be determined by a number of factors.
  • Please call for a quote and so we can discuss exactly what your group needs.

CHILDREN AND BEGINNERS :                                                                  

Dayle has a lot of experience with beginners and loves to work with children over the age of 8 to 10.





INTERMEDIATE and Advanced Casters :                                                          


Lessons for this level of caster are recommended to be 2 hours in length with a maximum of 3 hours and a minimum of 1 hour. A three-hour lesson runs $200.








  • Would you like to become an IFFF certified casting instructor? Learn more about casting and how to cast more effectively and, how to better teach your friends and family. Make a little money while you enjoy the art and science of teaching fly casting!
  • The FFI offers a two level certification program. The level one certificate requires strong casting skills, moderate understanding of casting mechanics, and a basic understanding of teaching skills.
  • Designed for those wishing to persue an FFI Casting Instructional Certification.
  • Individual or group lessons can be arranged.
  • For Instructional Certification Camps go to Fly Fishing Camps.


We have a really good and extensively tested group of lessons for groups of 2 or more with varying abilities.  We will help the neophyte and, at the same time, challenge the advanced casters!

This instruction is available for a club or organization. Several Fly Fishing Club Casting Clinics have been presented, as well as corporate groups. Call for references.









How to get the most out of your casting lesson.

First, you should discuss your learning needs and goals with me.

Be prepared for the weather.  A jacket or rain slicker may be needed; if it is cool, bring layers.  If it is sunny, bring your sunscreen.

Be prepared for a lot of casting. Fly casting is a skill and, as in other sports, skill building requires repetition.  You may make hundreds of casts during your lesson.

Have fun!  This is supposed to be fun, so have an open mind, relax and enjoy learning a new skill or be kind to yourself and allow yourself to develop new habits.

Ask questions.  The same explanation will not work for everyone, so ask questions if you’re not sure or something is unclear.  The goal is for you to understand and be able to then practice on your own as you perfect your skills.

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