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Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge

Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge (307) 875-2187


The Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge is 1 hour from, and north and east of, Kemmerer. The 27,230 acre Refuge protects a mosaic of riparian, wetland, and upland shrub habitats along 36 miles of the Green River in southwest Wyoming.  The riparian corridor of the Green River is an important migration route and nesting area for a wide variety of migratory waterfowl and passerine bird species.

History : Seedskadee is a unique and ecologically important component of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Seedskadee NWR was established in 1965 through the Colorado River Storage Project Act of 1956. Section 8 of this Act provided for the establishment of wildlife habitat development areas to offset the loss of wildlife habitat resulting from reservoir development in the Colorado River Drainage.

Wildlife Viewing

If you enjoy getting outdoors and looking for wildlife, consider a visit to Seedskadee!  From birding to moose watching, from viewing speedy pronghorn antelope or crayfish, wildlife observation is the most popular activity for refuge visitors nationwide. The Refuge offers a roughly mown Flicker trail and picnic area just below the Visitor’s Center at Headquarters.

Bring your camera, binoculars, bird book, lunch, and bug spray to spend the afternoon viewing a variety of habitats, plants, and animals of the riparian corridor of the high desert sagebrush steppe.  Visit our page for a brief overview of the animals that are found here and when.  

Several bald and golden eagle nests can usually be found, check with the staff for directions. Remember to log your sightings on eBird!  eBird.org is a great resource for researchers, land managers and citizens to share bird sightings and numbers from around the globe in real time.  

We now have one of only 4 permits available for floating and/or fishing this stretch. (See details under Fishing on our website.

Interpretation :

Refuge System interpretation programs provide opportunities for visitors to make their own connections to the natural world.  From self-guided walks to ranger-led programs, Seedskadee NWR helps visitors learn more about the wildlife and habitat behind the landscapes.

Seedskadee NWR offers many interpretive programs, hands on at the refuge or activities at other events.  The Refuge is very rich in history as well, visit our history page to learn more or pick up a historical perspective brochure the next time you’re at Seedskadee.  

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